About Us

The Turkish Canadian Cultural Association

The Turkish Canadian Cultural Association was founded on October 3, 1971 and became a legal and registered not-for-profit organization in Canada on April 17, 1979.

The aim of the Turkish Canadian Cultural Association is to bring the Turkish people living in Canada together through various social events and activities, as well as introduce the richness of Turkish culture to Canadians. In other words, our purpose is to contribute to the improvement of mutual understanding, interest and fraternity between Turkish and Canadian people. We believe that enabling Turkish people to experience their own culture under the roof of this association helps create solidarity in addition to positively representing Turkish society in Canada. Along with this understanding, our association organizes various events and activities, such as film festivals, photo exhibitions, concerts and many more. Our activities are supported by both Turkish people living in Canada and Canadians who like to know more about Türkiye and Turkish culture.

Our Mission

TCCA is an active non-profit organization dedicated to guiding and enhancing awareness of the Turkish culture, art, heritage and to sponsor positive relationships between various Turkish and local communities. We do this through cultural, educational, and community events and outreach. TCCA is an open organization that does not discriminate by ethnicity, religious beliefs, nationality, age or sex.

Our Board Members

The TCCA Board Members were elected on December 10, 2023 AGM and are composed of the following elected volunteers: President, 1st Vice President, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and 2 Members.

Murat Çeçen


Zişan Sarı

1st Vice President

Talha Ası

2nd Vice President

Tolga Nizam


Umay Çetiner


Eylül Özdengil


Uğur Kemallı


Serdar Ulutaş